Adding alias in child name?

Any parent added alias in child name which required other parent for permission or no need permission even you are the legal guardian.

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Need to go to ICA and need both parents permission unless your child is 21 yrs of age. I intended to erase a name from my son's full name but it was a hassle as I need to go to ICA, engage a lawyer, pay fees, need his father's permission too so I just let it be and told him to do so when he have reached 21. He's 16 btw

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2y ago

hi. i dont intend to erase e name but to add a new name @ old name?? still need permission

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As long as it’s an official name on the birth cert, you’ll need both parents’ consent (if both parents’ names are on the original birth cert). If it’s an alias, are you ok to not put it on the birth cert for now and wait till your child is 21?

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Ur child name. Why need others permission? Alias as in nickname only right

2y ago

how do i go about changing it? any idea dear. thank you