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Hi is any of u do the Oral Glucose Tolerance Test (OGTT)? Is it compulsory? Its my 3rd baby but 1st time doing it at kkh. Tia

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YES. It's very important. Knowing it earlier can help you to get advise from the dietician on controlling your diet. For some, GD is only during pregnancy but I know some turn into Diabetic after that and can't turn back. So just take the test to understand your health to prevent better care for yourself and baby.

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I think this is a compulsory test. Best to do as no use to just control diet. May result in serious complications during labour that may be fatal to mum and baby. Don’t try to save this bit of money if it’s for you and baby’s health. Can save by other means like buying less clothes.

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Nothing is compulsory, but I think it’s good to know if we have gestational diabetes because it helps us have better control of our pregnancy (in terms of knowing what the risks of gestational diabetes are (especially to the baby) and the diet we should have).

Hi.. well yes.. as per the nurse in charge who i’ve spoken to,she mention now all preg women have to go thru this test (in kkh generally nt sure abt other private ones)... gd luck!

Yes its compulsory.. i just did it for few mths ago.. this is my 3rd and my 1st time doing it.. last time when i preg in 2014, no OGTT test.. Better go take atleast u know the result

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I never do for both pregnancies. My gynae nvr asked me to do. I heard from some of my friends that their gynaes asked them to do. So I guess it ya really depend on your docs.

Hi depend what your gynae said. Usually I understand if there is family history of diabetic and recommend to do.

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It's up to you if you know you're under control or normal diet should be fine, its not a must to take

Yes had to do it for my 3rd pregnancy as I was 38 years old and have a family history of diabetes...

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Recommended to do it. So that u will know if current blood glucose level needs diet control or not.