This is how my first trimester went by ...

Was it different? Challenging? Or exciting? 🤔 We want to know how it went for you in the comments section!

This is how my first trimester went by ...
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Challenging..i become more sensitive and easy to cry..Especially when my 4yrs old boy get scolded!😣😣 At the age of 39,i feel totally different from my Past 3 pregnancy...🥴🥴

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It was ok, I didn’t experience any morning sickness or nausea. Just lots of migraine & bloated tummy.

My appetite was so poor and sad that not able to eat much

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Challenging due to severe vomiting, dizziness and had some bleeding.

Bloatedness... Morning sickness... Fatigue... No appetite...

Challenging. No mood to do anything at all!

Terrible (very bad morning sickness that I lost 4kg)

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Challenging with the horrible taste in mouth

Cautiously happy

Nausea....want to vomit but cannot....