Hi is it ok to switch baby milk powder to another brand? I am overseas now and i think my milk powder is running out! What shd i do?

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It is ok to switch powder but perhaps you can get a small tin first. Then for the first day you replace one of his feeds with the new powder or for first day you replace one scoop of the powder with the new one for all the feeds and then increase to two scoops on second day. If he is fine , no fussiness , no loose or too hard stools it should be fine to switch. But of course try to find the same brand if you can even if it is manufactured in different countries but same brand. You can perhaps try to find their expats supermarket? Usually the more expensive expatriate supermarkets will carry more brands. Where are you btw?

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5y ago

i cant find the same brand too. will check out the bigger supermart..im in korea..heading back in 2 days time but running out of fm...gosh