teether biscuits

Not sure if there are mummies like me when LO bite off a big chunk the teether biscuit and I quickly dig it out from LO's mouth. ? My LO is already 8mths. Eating cereal and puree. Teether biscuits is from organic baby. I fear it may choke LO ?

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Super Mum

I gave the toothy rusk from bubs organic, it's so hard i couldnt even bite it myself. But my LO managed to 😅it does melt in the mouth so I'm not too worried

Super Mum

If baby likes to bite biscuits, you can try Baby Bites:) it’s meant to be eaten. Even if your LO bites off a big pieces, it dissolves in the mouth, so it’s much safer. Even 6 month old babies can start gumming these already

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5mo ago

Hmm maybe then. I still hold onto the biscuit and control how much she bites. Heh

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