Hi. Is it normal to feel lower backache (nearer to the butt area) , like something pinching the nerve, during pregnancy? I am in my 14th week.

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Hi, I experience this lower backpain since the start of my 2nd Trimester. Have consulted the gyne and he say it is normal. He advise asking the husband/partner to massage the area every day to relieve the pain.

Yes, it's normal. The aches will start from this time onwards. You can find out more at this link :

Me toooooo :( Been having backache since like 6 weeks n now I’m 14+w Everyday like old auntie like that “aiya aiya” when trying to stand up. Lol

Yeah. My right butt cheek has been painful since 8 weeks and I'm currently in my 10th week. Like I sprained my right butt cheek. Lol

I'm 18 weeks and I have this too. It's like a sharp pain at my tailbone area. No idea what causes it...

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Nothing effective yet unfortunately...

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It’s normal to have lower backache. I started experiencing it from final trimester onwards.

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backache is normal, but im not sure if it'll onset so early..

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I started feeling backahes from 8-9 weeks of pregnancy