Trekking in Nepal

Nepal Trekking is one of the most popular adventure sports which has gained popularity all over the world. It's not only an adventure sport but also a way of exploring the beautiful landscapes of Nepal. Trekking in Nepal can be a difficult task as it involves trekking through mountains. It takes several days to complete the trek. Trekking can be done when the weather is good and the mountains are visible. Nepal is a country of great diversity and there are different types of trekking destinations available here. Nepal is a country at high altitude where the landscape is varied and hilly. Nepal's diverse landscape includes valleys, peaks, and plateaus. Trekking in Nepal can be categorized into two major categories-the valley trekking and the Himalayan trekking. Both these types of trekking are done within the region of Nepal and do not require separate directions. You can enjoy trekking in Nepal by choosing a destination that offers trekking trails within its borders. You must decide whether you want to trek within the Himalayan ranges or within the valleys. If you want to enjoy trekking in the high altitude regions, then you should plan a high altitude trekking expedition. Although there are many treks in this area, only a few are difficult. A lot of Nepal treks pass through the high peaks and have beautiful panoramic views of the lovely landscape. These treks have a lot of trekking routes and are popular among trekkers. You can start trekking at Manang, from where you can take a treck across the Dolpo Valley to Dhaulagiri. It will take approximately a week to complete the journey. You can continue trekking at Kanchenjunga, Bratholim, Tsum Valley, Langtang, and Annapurna before you reach Nepal's capital city of Kathmandu. After reaching Kathmandu, you can set off for the Himalayan foothills. There are numerous popular trekking destinations in the foothills including Everest trekking route, Goecha La trekking route and Dhaulagiri trekking route. In addition to all these attractive trekking tracks, Nepal has some of the best and stunning mountains for trekking. Some of the best mountains in Nepal are listed below. Everest trekking route: This route is the second highest peak in the world. It offers magnificent view of the Himalayas from the high ridges. The village at the base of the mountain is known for its picturesque, serene landscapes and hanging ponds. To add to the grandeur, book an Everest trekking tour from a renowned travel agent and get a beautiful tour package from Nepal.

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