Need some point of view and no judgement please... i am a mother of 1 and since my kid was born we have more or less decided to have just one kid as I was quite overwhelmed and do not have any room for other kids. We definitely know the advantages of having another child but I feel right now that's all I could handle... The fear of having another child was so bad that when I dreamt of it and woke up like a nightmare. And it really happened, found out I was pregnant recently and I am half decided to get it terminated. I know it's definitely bad and selfish for me to think this way but I had my worries. My kid has special needs and this journey caused lifetime worry to us and it's very REAL. I am very worried if #2 have the same issues as it can be genetic. We are also in our comfort zone of having to concentrate of loving one child, and afraid of getting stretched to give each attention, while I will be juggling with 2 kids without help. Marriage might suffer due to too much time invested in kids. Their age gap will be big, i dont find much a strong need to find them as playmates. I'm now a bit confused and not confident if i can really give birth in this kind of mentality. My hubby isn't too pleased but encourage to give birth for responsibility, don't want to get karma for abortion and believe this pregnancy came for a reason for us. I dont even know if these reasons are even good enough to carry on to give birth, since he hardly helps out with #1. The cons seems to be greater than the pros...

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If your hubby is really keen to keep the baby then u might want to reconsider again as that baby belongs to the both of u, u do not want him to blame u later in life. I had an abortion few years back because I already have 3 kids and had severe pregnancy symptoms..... Back then, my hubby also had the same thinking as your hubby, he even wanted to get a maid to help me out. But i dont really want to enagage a maid as they are not easy to handle and get along with. So i insist to abort the baby and my doctor think likewise since i already got 3 boys. Answerable to my in laws already. Now i really regret my decision as hubby is not keen to have any more kids. He said he is old but i know that is an excuse as he know abortion is actually not a big deal and its done and over in a few hours. But he can never understand my feeling going thru it and i am now having pre-menses headache monthly which i think is the side effect or punishment from God to me. Pls reconsider your decision.

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Indeed its scary to know that from someone who seems more okay with keeping the child ended up less emotional than the wife after the procedure. I asked him if he feels anything when someone has a coming #2 baby and would it reminded of our #2 he said yes, but no feelings involved. I was also relieved bcos I wasn't jealous instead got a bit freaked out by having another baby. Maybe our child is already too big and challenging for us to consider expanding the family. Agree should care what ot