Need some point of view and no judgement please... i am a mother of 1 and since my kid was born we have more or less decided to have just one kid as I was quite overwhelmed and do not have any room for other kids. We definitely know the advantages of having another child but I feel right now that's all I could handle... The fear of having another child was so bad that when I dreamt of it and woke up like a nightmare. And it really happened, found out I was pregnant recently and I am half decided to get it terminated. I know it's definitely bad and selfish for me to think this way but I had my worries. My kid has special needs and this journey caused lifetime worry to us and it's very REAL. I am very worried if #2 have the same issues as it can be genetic. We are also in our comfort zone of having to concentrate of loving one child, and afraid of getting stretched to give each attention, while I will be juggling with 2 kids without help. Marriage might suffer due to too much time invested in kids. Their age gap will be big, i dont find much a strong need to find them as playmates. I'm now a bit confused and not confident if i can really give birth in this kind of mentality. My hubby isn't too pleased but encourage to give birth for responsibility, don't want to get karma for abortion and believe this pregnancy came for a reason for us. I dont even know if these reasons are even good enough to carry on to give birth, since he hardly helps out with #1. The cons seems to be greater than the pros...

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Well, no one knows r family struggles better than the 2 of u. I feel that u need to get 2 things worked out before continuing the pregnancy. Firstly, is this fetus a special needs child genetically? If it's base on guessing and u terminate it caz of "likely", I don't think it's fair to the fetus. Secondly, will ur husband be more active and hands-on or will u be able to get help like ur parents or parents in law? It will be tough so u will need help and support I would say to continue the pregnancy because this is a fetus, a baby, an individual with a soul and personality. If u guess this and doubt that and just like that smite out a life, then I think it is the ultimate unfair. I don't think a smaller attention or "burden" to look after ur sibling are reasons enough to cause a life If u are going to keep the baby, make sure the husband is on board all the way. I cannot think of any other REAL reasons that can outweigh the value of life itself. Having a sibling whether special needs or not bring a another whole experience altogether

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