Handsfree wearable breast pump

Im thinking of getting a handsfree wearable breast pump however im not sure of which brand to go for. Did read up a few reviews but still unable to decide. Brands ive read about: Imani i2 Babyexpress Youha Cubble Mamachoice (heard alot of leakage) Real bubee Bebebao Can mummies recommend me a good one and let me know of the noise level (motor sound) too is it quiet or a little loud as im planning to pump in office too. #advicepls #firstbaby

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I’m using babyexpress BeFree, noise level wise, overall acceptable. However, battery sucks. I have been using the pump for 14 months, initially pumping 6 times > 5 then now 2 times a day. Have to charge after every 2 pumps now (20mins session). Although it claims to be able to last 90 mins (4 sessions), it has never made it past 3 sessions before the red light appears. Within warranty, battery replacement is free. After that it’s $40 PER motor.

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personally won’t recommend imani. sold it away after using for a few months because it leaks and troublesome to sterilize (only steam or uv). i heard good reviews abt baby express and bought recently at a good price via group buy.

supermama air+, the comfort is awesome and noise level acceptable. pumping at my desk and my neighbouring colleagues all couldn't tell (all seated very close like 1m shoulder to shoulder).

11mo ago

Hi is this brand from malaysia? And where did you get it ?

using imani and I like it. easy to use compared to a non handsfree hegen, and the battery life is great! though you will have to assemble it properly or it will leak.