My two weeks old baby gets hiccups after every feed, is it normal?

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Hiccups in newborns could be cause by the same few reasons as an adult, such as eating too much, swallowing air while chewing, being anxious or excited. An infant may swallow some air while nursing and that may give raise to hiccups. Hence, it is important to burp the baby after each feeding to get ride of any air in the stomach. In general, hiccups in newborns and babies are common. However, like what Reine mentioned, if your baby’s hiccups continue for hours, you should seek advice from your doctor. Some conditions like gastroesophageal reflux (GERD) or a tumor or cyst in the throat may present symptoms like hong-term hiccups. Hiccups usually will go off on its own. You can try soothing your baby by rocking or providing a gentle back rub. Just take note if it is taking unusually long for the hiccup to go away and give your doctor a call if required.

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Hiccups can occur for a variety of reasons. These include eating too much, swallowing air while chewing, or even being anxious or excited which is not usually a problem for healthy babies. However, there are also some more serious causes of hiccups. Hiccups that last for a long time should be noted. Also, sometimes hiccup can lead to complications in newborns on ventilation, like premature babies that need help breathing. Try burping baby or moving baby to a different position may put an end to hiccups.

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make sure not to over feed the baby. Also, burp the baby after every feed to avoid hiccup.

Just makes sure you're not overfeeding the baby cos that too can caused hiccups.

burp your baby may help get rid of the hiccups

Make sure to burp baby after feeding