My toddler has been weaned off breast milk for around a year. I have a newborn and am expressing and latching at the same time. I'm wondering if I should give my excess milk to my toddler to drink as I'm afraid she might be used to the taste of formula and not want breast milk anymore. Anyone has the same experience? And what is the best way to give the milk to my toddler? Do I mix it with formula?

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You could mix the breastmilk with formula, technically there is nothing wrong with that. You might end up wasting breastmilk if you do, especially if your toddler cannot finish everything. You can't keep formula milk that's already prepared and if you mix breast milk, you might end up throwing away precious breastmilk. Also, do not just directly mix the formula powder with the breast milk. This will change the composition of the breast milk, the entire mixture might become so much more concentrated that it can be bad for your toddler's kidneys. Always follow the exact instructions of mixing the formula first, before adding the breast milk :) More info here:

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i think instead of letting it go to waste you can definitely mix it with your toddler's formula. if you feel that your toddler is entirely weaned off and may not like it, you can start with very small amounts. see how your toddler takes it and whether she even realises the same. if it's not a problem, you can actually add more of the breastmilk to the formula. make the formula milk the way you do and then add a bit of your milk to it.

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Usually after so long, they will reject but nonetheless, you can try mixing with formula. In this way, your toddler might come to an agreement gradually. Start slow and small amount 1st.

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