My daughter only likes to have milk from my right breast and not from the left one. How do I change this habit of hers? Could there be a reason for it?

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Preference for one side could be due to variations in supply or flow of milk between the two breasts. Could be because of normal anatomical differences (one side with more working ducts or differences between the two nipples making one easier to latch on than the other). It could also be due to baby’s preference where he/she feels more comfortable being held on the preferred side. You can try doing the following to get your daughter to nurse on the left side as well: - try different nursing positions - start your daughter on the right side, slide her over to the left side without changing the position of her body - offer the left side to her when she is not fully awake (sleepy or just waking up), nursing will be more instinctive for her at that point and she may take to the left side more - offer the left side while walking, swaying or rocking (with some motion) may encourage her to take to it as well (For more useful information: As Jamie pointed out, remember to pump the left side even if your daughter is not nursing from there to keep your supply up. Good luck!

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Many babies develop a favorite side, and only wants to have milk from one breast. Sometimes it’s the side that produces more milk or sometimes it’s the side that produces less, because the milk doesn’t flow out as fast and forces them to gulp the milk quickly. Others show a preference for one breast for a while, and then start taking the other one again. Others will continue to have a strong preference and refuse to take one breast completely. Favourites are favourites? :) Read more here :

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I always joke that one breast produces vanilla milk and the other side produces chocolate milk. My daughter doesn't have a favourite breast though. You can try offering your left breast to your baby when she is still sleepy or offering it when she's very hungry. If all else fails, do remember to pump or hand express out the milk from your left breast. :)

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