My daughter is having rashes like this all over her body. It itches sometimes but not always so I'm ruling out that it's eczema. She's currently having a bit of cough and runny nose. Anyone knows what it is?

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sometime its due to body tempreture. to heaty inside can cause this too. my son will have this type of rashes when his body tempreture is high. when kkh before but nothing he is allergy to or any skin problem. i just sponge him with slighly cold water and its gone. better to consult doc first and ask.

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6y ago

maybe the body wash that you used. some reaction acts slow.

The tiny red dots above the belly button could indicate a mild heat rash of sorts. Perhaps you can change baby into something clothes there are more airy and have more air circulating in the room (maybe a fan if air con isn't an option).

6y ago

She sleeps in air conditioned room but it doesn't go away

Minor allergy to something. May be clothes or food. Best to see ur pediatrician. If u are breast feeding please continue to do so. Avoid any new food or clothing material. Handwash clothes for a few days with baby detergent.

Maybe she's having allergies, my toddler had some rashes before and doctor said it was allergy, he prescribed allerkid.

6y ago

Not sure what allergy it is tho. She hasn't had any changes in food or outing routine.

It could be allergic reaction to some meds she may be given...esp antibiotics.

6y ago

Please go thru the list of all meds u give...even vitamins. Or are you on any meds which is transferred through your milk? Or does she drink milk and spills it over her which also can coz rashes. Or what kind of material are her clothes made of or the toy

I have eczema and it is itchy on and off could still be it talk to a doctor

Did you give your baby 🍓? If yes it could be allergic

best consult your pedia to be sure

message me dear

Could it be heat rash?

6y ago

Nope. Don't think so. It's been a few days.