My baby is super fussy. How can I tell if it’s teething or something else? What can I do to help him?

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Here are some of the teething symptoms: - Irritability or fussiness - Drooling (which can lead to facial rash) - Swelling of gum and sensitivity - Gnawing or chewing behaviour - Refusing food - Sleep problems Many parents say their babies may also have loose stools, runny nose or fever just before a new tooth arrives, most experts don't think teething is to blame for these symptoms. To help your baby feel better: - Give him a teether - Rub a clean finger gently but firmly over his gum - If baby is old enough for solids, you can give him cold food such as applesauce or yogurt - Give him teething rusk. When my baby started teething, he is very fussy and always crying. My grandmother told me to give him "pearl powder" or "jing feng san" (you can buy them from most traditional medicine hall) to rub at his gum. She says that it will soothe him and make the gum thinner so that the tooth will be easier to sprout.

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