My 5mo is down with a flu. He's only drinking 35% of his usual milk intake. Rejects milk for later half of the day. Shld I be worried ?

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The blocked nose provably makes him feel uncomfy and therefore doesn't want to drink. You can use saline nasal spray (sterimar) to squirt in his nose and loosen the gunk. If you are breastfeeding, squirt some breast milk into his nose as breast milk has antibacterial properties. Watch number of wet nappies as well, as an indicator of hydration. Aim for 5-6 wet nappies still

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My 6mo is also down with flu since last week. Usually he drinks about 210ml per feed.. Nowadays , due to flu, he drinks only about 150ml. The blocked and runny nose and phlegm in throat makes drinking from bottle difficult . So I try to clear the mucous in his nose to make feeding a little easier.

I am so sorry that your little one is sick. Prehaps his throat hurts. Just a thought but have you tried offering cold milk as that could be soothing? When my little one had tonsilitis, it was just like you are saying - took us syringing tiny amounts of fluid in for ages.

Did U bring your baby to see the PD?