My 25mo toddler is rejecting all kinds of greens and very picky with food. When she is much younger, we cook porridge with fish/chicken/smash vegs now shes getting older, we bring her out for meal and she basically just refused to eat greens! Any advice anyone?

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If your cutie refuses to try fruits and veggies, sneak them in. Purée cauliflower and hide it in the mashed potatoes. Blend carrots or squash into pancakes and waffles. Spaghetti sauce makes a great cover for spinach, eggplant, and zucchini. Go crazy with the blender: Toss in any kind of fruit and mix up a yogurt smoothie or milk shake and whip up your own v8 juice. Dice up fruits and serve them over yogurt (call it a sundae).

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