Fasting while breastfeeding

Any Muslim mothers managed to maintain milk supply while fasting during Ramadhan? I'll be approaching 1 month PP and exclusively breastfeeding. Want to try to fast but afraid it will decrease supply coz cant drink water. #advicepls #FTM

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I didn’t fast last year when I was still bf! It’s technically up to you. from what I’ve read it should not drop so much. But the nutrients in the milk might be lesser! Personally I don’t think you should add on to the stress, as that will decrease your supply. If you really want to fast, maybe can try for like 4-5days and see if your supply dip? If it doesn’t, u can continue!

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I am already planning not to fast as i cn only produce milk upon eating. I am bf exclusively too but not producing much whrby i cn store in bags. Once i finish feeding, itll be empty, so need to eat. I will however pay the fidyah.

you are not supposed to fast if you are breastfeeding. that what i heard from old people.