To all mums here, if you have been diagnosed with infection and prescribed with antibiotics, please take it and complete your dose. It is never right na wag kompletuhin yung treatment nyo even if you feel better. If di nyo na complete yung antibiotics nyo, the bacteria causing the infection, will mutate and develop resistance sa gamot na yun. The tendency is your infection will recurr and you will require even a higher dose of antibiotics. Apart from compromising your health and your baby, mas mapapagastos po kayo kasi higher dose means higher costs. Nobody wants to get sick, so please let's take care of ourselves and then our babies din.

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Exactly. Common misconception na pag okay na istop na. Kaya tayo naiimmune sa mga gamot e.

3y ago

Yes. Lalo pag binigyan sila ng higher dosage na doble na ang kaba syempre mas mabagsik na din yun nun. 😕