Hey mums, I think every mum is facing hair fall after delivery and some are having white hairs so I wanna share something with you all. Use coconut oil n curry leaves. Boil curry leaves in oil till they turn black or brown it'll help u to improve hair fall and length will also increase. If you are having white hairs then boil curry leaves and Amla powder in coconut oil. And one more thing give some steam to ur hairs. Wrap your hairs with hot wet towel. With that your hair roots become strong.

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Thnx for d information

Thank you a lot :-D

Tq so much .. Good information

wow mommy, thank you so much for sharing this valuable information. I am sure this will really help as I have seen something similar on other sites as well. Thanks again and I will surely try it out :)

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It's absolutely fyn dr. I luv to share whatever I know

thanks for the sharing💓💓

Coconut oil is really helpful but it makes skin extra greasy at some point.


Thank you for sharing these interesting tips to issues affecting us mummies

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Thanks for sharing