Whats your fetus weight at week 35?๐Ÿ™‚

Mummy, whatz ur fetus weight at week 35?

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Mine was 3.1kg at 36 weeks. Doc said it is within normal range. Of course I was a little bit worried cause most babies are lower than that. But it is just an estimated weight. Iโ€™m due in 2 weeks (19 Oct) and hoping baby doesnโ€™t get too big for a normal delivery. Listen to your doc.

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2kg & 68 grams baby ko 33 weeks pa ko ngpa utz niyan. Dko na alam ngaun ilang kl na cia hihi. Turning 36 weeks tomorrow ๐Ÿ˜Š

second born during 35 weeks was 3.3 came out at 39weeks 3.75kg

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was told 3.5kg at 35 weeks. gave birth at 36 weeks baby weight 3.2kg

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Hi momshie ok lang ba c bb kahit napaaga ka nanganak 36weeks lang ilang days ka po sa hospital? Thank u po, 36weeks na rin kc ako ngayon. Kaya feel ko mapapaaga din labor ko

2.67kg delivered at 35.5 weeks

1.7kgs at 34 weeks and 5 days

2.6kg 35weeks and 2 days

2.6 kg 35 weeks and 5 days..

Depends on boy or girl too?

2.5 kg 35 weeks and 4 days