Fetus weight at 30 weeks

Care to share whats your fetus weight at week 30? :)

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1.96kg at 30 weeks and 1 day.. doc say quite big.. but my husband and I are tall and big too 😂

Mine was 1.87kg at 29weeks.. the doctor said he is overweight and i am stress now.

7d ago

same here. baby is big too.. but im having GDM now also.. kinda worried cos i never eat much also🥲🥲

1.644kg 30 weeks 😊

Super Mum

At week 32, my foetus was 1.96kg

12mo ago

She came out 3.3kg at 39+5 weeks 😂 But after that has always been 10-25th centile for weight

1.6kg 30weeks🤗❤

At week 31 , 1.96kg

1.539kg at 30 weeks ☺

1.8kg at 30 week 2 days

1508grams at 30 weeks!

1.55kg at 30weeks