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Hi mummies, I have a Pr 1 boy and is a slow learner.. Any suggestion to make math interesting? Thanks Irene

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Work with your boy’s speed of learning and try not to stress him by pushing too much. Maybe check out fun math games online and get some games and play with him. Also you can engage a tutor to start him on his basic math concepts to build his foundation one step at a time

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Do you know what kind of learner is he? Some are kinesthetic learners, some are visual learners, some are audio learners etc. I would suggest to use concrete materials when teaching him.. In this way he can hands on and will be able to see what he is doing.

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I engaged a tutor when my daughter was still in preschool and gave strict instructions that she should only play Math games with my daughter🙊 I think most importantly don't frighten the child too much with homework etc

Use his favourite toys to make math more fun Say he likes cars, when doing addition and subtraction, use it when his counting numbers :)

Hi, I was scared of Maths in my childhood too. Try using visual tools and toys to create interest. It definitely helps

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Hi... you might find this article informative

Yes use visual tools. Or check out usborne maths. It’s very colourful and easy to interpret

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Some visual props may help like number cards.