Post miscarriage

Hello mummies I had missed miscarriage and took the oral medication to terminate the pregnancy. I was at 11weeks plus at that time time. Currently I'm underdoing confinement. Im in my second week of confinement and I still feel cramp and sore at my lower abdomen. I believe that I'm still recovering and recuperating. Any of u had miscarriage and how long did u take to heal totally? The walk to hospital and mrt ride makes me lethargic and the lower abdomen feels sore after such walk. I still feel ive yet to recover and that makes me worried coz my HL is ending. I had post natal massage for 3 days. Im having confinement food. I put on socks and had warm shower. I shower once a day. I don't take cold drinks. Anything else i can do to help me heal? Appreciate your responses. Thank u.

Post miscarriage
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Sorry for your loss. I went through 2 miscarriages and both are natural. I didn't know I was pregnant with the 1st one until I started peeing bloody red and it was confirmed a miscarriage. I was estimated about 6-7 weeks pregnant with the 2nd one until the same thing happened. I started bleeding for 2 weeks. My sac also stayed the same size for that 2 weeks. I was supposed to do a D&C but a day before the surgery, I felt contractions and passed out my sac. I stopped bleeding after that. I didn't do any confinement with the first but did 2 weeks for 2nd. Actually I don't even need to do unless I miscarried at 20 weeks above but still need my body to heal completely from inside. I wear socks and ate confinement foods but didn't do any massage or herbal bath. But I do bed rest alot.

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Yes massage is better. I was too occupied with my grieve, I did not think of doing any massage. Do take care ok. Let your body heal inside out before trying again. Took me 1 year to conceive again after moving on from my grieve.