Post miscarriage

Hello mummies I had missed miscarriage and took the oral medication to terminate the pregnancy. I was at 11weeks plus at that time time. Currently I'm underdoing confinement. Im in my second week of confinement and I still feel cramp and sore at my lower abdomen. I believe that I'm still recovering and recuperating. Any of u had miscarriage and how long did u take to heal totally? The walk to hospital and mrt ride makes me lethargic and the lower abdomen feels sore after such walk. I still feel ive yet to recover and that makes me worried coz my HL is ending. I had post natal massage for 3 days. Im having confinement food. I put on socks and had warm shower. I shower once a day. I don't take cold drinks. Anything else i can do to help me heal? Appreciate your responses. Thank u.

Post miscarriage
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Hi, sorry for your loss. I had a miscarriage at week 6+ in the 3rd week of Dec. My whole back was hurting for about 3 weeks and lower abdomen was slightly painful. Went for review 2 weeks after my miscarriage. Gynae said it is normal. Our bodies need to heal. What you are doing is fine. Give yourself time to heal and recuperate. Good to continue with massage and maybe slow walks when you feel better. I spent most of the first week in bed, it makes me feel worse. Felt better after my post natal massage last week. Take care.

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I guess it depends on our bodies. Since your work requires you to be active and walk around, maybe it’s good to let your boss know, so you can take some rest in between if you need.