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Hello Mummies! FTM here. I’m a little confused over the private doctors who has their own clinic for example at Mt A / Mt E etc and the doctors are public hospital. The costs are not that different right? I saw someone saying KKH hospital’s consultation charges are also quite expensive? If so, can someone help to explain what the differences are other than the waiting time ?

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From what I know from my friends who went public vs my own experience with a private clinic doctor, usually public doctors take ultrasound quite sparingly, so I'm not sure how do they check on the health of the baby, but for my case, I do have an ultrasound taken during every gynae visit at the private clinic. Cost-wise, I think both public and private doctors charge around the same - around $100 + GST just for doctor's consultation, and another $100+ (thereabout) for ultrasound. Because public hospitals don't take ultrasound often, so maybe the cost per visit is only $100+ whereas mine cost $200+ because of the inclusion of ultrasound. Wait-wise, it can be 2-3 hours just to see the doctor, and additional 1 hour if you need to do a scan at KKH while I have never waited more than 30 mins for my own appointment at the private clinic.

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I'm running between MT E and KKH at the moment due to some complications to my pregnancy. What I have experienced is if you're on private route, KKH charges are just slightly cheaper than Mt E. To get a subsidised rate, you had to get a referral from polyclinic. In terms of doc consultation, you have a dedicated gynae if it's private hospital while for KKH, even if you're on private route, the doc consultation for outpatient may change? that's what's happening to me. I may be wrong. but one thing I have to say is that KKH has better sonographer compared to private gynae. Hope this helps!

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For private, it depends on individual doctor’s charges. It can range from $50 to $100 per visit. Some doctors offers packages as well. This is for doctor’s fees only (scans and labour charges). Hospital fees charges the same for all private patients (base charges).

Are you singaporean?

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Yes both parents are singaporean