Transit to Enfagrow Stage 3

Hi mummies! My baby is currently 14 months. Anyone know how to transit baby from Enfamail Stage 2 to Enfagrow Stage 3? Currently baby drinking 4 - 5 feeds per day, at 210ml each. Her solid intake is not much. So how should I transit her to Stage 3 when the instruction stated that only 2 feeds per day?

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You don’t need to follow their guide strictly, especially during transitioning from Stage 2 to 3. To have 2 milk feeds a day, you’d need to ensure that your LO is getting enough nutrition from solids. To increase solid intake, give her the 3 meals, and don’t put a milk feed before giving solids. Encourage as much food intake as possible, then space out milk feeds for the rest of the day. If she’s taking more solids, you can cut the milk feeds to 4 feeds/day first. My LO didn’t eat much during that age, so she consistently had 4 milk feeds/day (180ml) all the way till she was about 3yo. Even now at 3y9m, she has 3 milk feeds/day (about 240ml per feed) and 3 main meals. She’s still quite skinny, so we kept the milk feeds. Haha. Each child is different. What’s stated on the tin is a guide. But try encouraging your LO to eat more first, the gradually cut down on the number of milk feeds.

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4y ago

During that period, I switched to stage 3 after I finished my last tin of stage 2

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Slowly introduce regular meals, reduce milk amount each time and reduce milk frequency.