Imani hands free pump review

Any mummies here who had experience using hands free pump particularly imani? Any reviews?

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I’m using Imani i2, like the silicon flange as it gives comfort. Previously was using spectra but the chore is need to carry around and sometimes the flanges May came off from my hands off bra. Have been using imani ever since rock breasts occur in D4 post partum and there’s flange inserts too. No regrets.

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ooh sounds good! that is what I was going for. but are you using the imani i2 or i2+? I read some review that the i2+ silicon lid comes out v easily. even when bending down or getting out of bed

9mo ago

i got i2+ purely because the charging dock is very convenient lol

It's so easy to use! Gives me the freedom to multitask or do chores while feeding baby at the same time 👍🏻

haha. I got the i2 in the end cause theres an ongoing promo!