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Hi mummies, when do we actually starts to buy baby stuffs? I’m trying to hold on till knowing the gender.. what essential stuff to buy for baby n mummy to prepare for the arrival. Heard a lot of opinions till confused now. Do we buy all new stuffs or some preloved advisable and money saving?#advicepls

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Crib, rocker, stroller, breast pump if you're breastfeeding, bottles, bathtub, changing table, steriliser, bottle warmer. Basically go to a mummy shop and buy almost everything haha. Some items can be preloved to save money like crib, stroller

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Started buying when I am at 7mos, some friends offered and family so We just take it to save, as future is way more important. Make sure you will have the essentials Hospital will need and ask, the rest can discuss if really necessary later.

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I started to get them at 25 weeks after knowing the gender. Purchasing new stuff or hand me downs are personal preferences. There are mummies out there who are blessing stuff if u like and shops/online which u can get for brand new.

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Hello!!! I started getting bb stuff at 30w onwards heheh. I do have preloved and brand new baby stuff that I’m letting go at really Low price cos I’m clearing space! Do lmk if you’re keen. Heheh

We start buying only now (25th week). We buy and also accept any blessing of handed-down items from family and friends. Especially clothing as baby grow fast; hence preloved items make sense.

I started buying little stuffs when we found out the gender. Only started essential stuffs like stroller, baby carrier, bed and bath tub when I’m around 25 weeks

Hi Mummy! Recommend to consider hand me downs if any. Kiddy palace has many affordable options. Some preloved and money saving is recommended


start buying when around 7 months you can start surveying where is cheap etc. if you don't mind Preloved you can get it

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I start buying at third trimester. Brand new or prelove depends on ur comfort level and financial too

Im in tri2. Don't intend to buy now. Wait til i hit tri3, still got 2.5months to walk n shop then.