Hi mummies, what vegetables puree good for 7 months old baby? Thank u❤

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pumpkin,sweet potato,carrot with ikan bilis powder or white bait powder(try looking at the 'lilo' brand for the ikan bilis which is just for babies.) Its on shopee or you can buy it from mothercare.

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avocado, kalabasa, sweet potato, potato, apple, banana, broccoli, egg green peas & carrots. yan pinapakain ko kay baby iba iba araw2x. plus dagdag pa kanin with ulam salmon or mixed gulay.

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U can see the list :)

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my 7mos.old baby pinapakain kuna po sya ng smashed potato and far yun palang ang parang nagugustuhan nya sa mga bnbigay kong foods

Spinach is good. I hear to avoid broccoli as it will cause gas in baby’s stomach. Only give when they are 10 months old onwards.

My baby's current fav, broccoli + cauliflower + cheddar cheese. Finished 2 oz in no time 😁 Mummy feels happy too!

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I should try it

this week we try green leafy far sarap na sarap nmn si baby (7months din)😁

Broccoli, spinach, yam, sweet potato, potato, xiao bai cai, cabbage

My baby like it brokoli with rice + 🥕 + 🥔