Just curious, who will put your baby to bed?

Hi mummies, usually who will put your lo to sleep during night times? is it mostly yourself or your husband??

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Currently is me, during my paternity leave. I would stay up as much as possible till im too tired and let her take over for me to take a quick nap. Knowing i am selfish if i do not let her train up to take care of bb whole day but it pains me to see her tired. So i rather be the one to be tired.. But we take turns.. Sometimes bb just want mummy to make her sleep. She will keep fussing to a point where i know its not gonna go anywhere, so i would pass to mummy. Once bb sleeps i will steal her over.

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i dont take care of my baby at night, my husband takes over. but when baby gets too fussy and he cannot handle it i will wake up and help to calm baby down then put him to sleep.

My husband will put him to sleep when im the main caregiver in the day, and also if LO wakes up at night

Mostly me. But when LO gets very cranky and inconsolable, my husband will be the one To put him to bed.

Myself, as she will looks for me when she wants to sleep. She doesnt want anyone except for me.

Hubby because I have to deal with my older toddler. Only took over if hubby cannot settle baby

Mostly is me. However, when im out late he take the responsibility to manage our baby

Me, let my wife rest more. Since have children, I become light sleeper.

Me, husband tried a few times but baby gets more awake. 😅

Husband since he does a better job