How many nap time for 1 year old baby

Hi mummies, one or two nap time for your 1 year old baby onwards ?

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We already transitioned when he turned 1 year to 1 nap in day at 1 year. Else he won't sleep on time at night. No sleeping after 4pm as it hinders the night sleep for him. Babies give the cue they would fight more and struggle to sleep if there sleep time has reduced. We just followed that.

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I think every bb is different, my girl took 1 nap only cos she is an early sleeper, so i dun want to change her sleeping time

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Mine had 3 naps at 1, 2 naps by about 15 months, and 1 nap at 19 months. But every baby is different

Mine is 19months can have 3naps😂 still can sleep early at night. But I changed to 2naps nlng.

hii. mine 1y 7m. 1 nap since 1y. depends on situation. 2-4 hours.


only one nap, 2hrs