Exercise in first trimester

Hi mummies, can you share your exercise regime? I’ve stopped all exercise, except for gentle walking, during my first trimester - I’m 38 and do not want to risk anything, so I’ve stopped exercise as I get very tired easily. I was worried that I would over tire myself and cause undue stress. I intend to go back to yoga after my first trimester as I am full of aches and would like to build more strength. Wondering if anyone else had advice or experience? #firsttimemom #advicepls #exerciseforpreggyrecommendationpls

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i exercise at the gym 5 days a week pre-pregnancy, and during my first trimester i didnt exercise at all due to MS. Some mummies shared that their gynae advise to cut back on exercise intensity, but best is to not stop exercising. and also if you do not exercise at all pre-pregnancy, now is also not the time to start. perhaps just try some walking at the park or prenatal yoga, will be ok. but for me, i've been reminded MANY times to not lift heavy stuff etc. maybe it's better for those of AMA (35 and above) to not engage in too much exercising.

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