Exercise in first trimester

Hi mummies, can you share your exercise regime? I’ve stopped all exercise, except for gentle walking, during my first trimester - I’m 38 and do not want to risk anything, so I’ve stopped exercise as I get very tired easily. I was worried that I would over tire myself and cause undue stress. I intend to go back to yoga after my first trimester as I am full of aches and would like to build more strength. Wondering if anyone else had advice or experience? #firsttimemom #advicepls #exerciseforpreggyrecommendationpls

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i exercise at the gym 5 days a week pre-pregnancy, and during my first trimester i didnt exercise at all due to MS. Some mummies shared that their gynae advise to cut back on exercise intensity, but best is to not stop exercising. and also if you do not exercise at all pre-pregnancy, now is also not the time to start. perhaps just try some walking at the park or prenatal yoga, will be ok. but for me, i've been reminded MANY times to not lift heavy stuff etc. maybe it's better for those of AMA (35 and above) to not engage in too much exercising.

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hello! same here! im also 38 and currently in my first trimester. first time mom too :) I read a few similar posts and articles and most of them mentioned light exercises are good. while doing you should still be able to hold a conversation. I try to do some light walking every day and yoga classes too, but i would mention to the instructor im pregnant as some poses are not suitable for us. i have the intention to start prenatal yoga after first trimester

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12mo ago

yea i agree cannot over do it. so far the yoga instructors will ask me to take it easy. I still go for basic classes because I want to stretch it out, of course I will stop if I feel tired and the yoga instructors are aware.

Diff ppl have diff body reaction. Last time i walked too much and ended up having bleeding (tot i lost my baby). Now having my #2 i guaiguai dun overexert myself. Gynae told me first trim shld not walk too much coz its not gd for baby.. fyi i actually shopped whole day resulting in a tear 😅😅

For me i would just do pregnancy stretches and simple walking. As i do not want to suddenly overwork my body and scared might result to something serious like bleeding or so. If you want exercise etc, maybe can ask gynae best. And only start after 2nd trim? As 1st trim is very risky

Hi all, im 39 this year - 1st pregnancy, 1st trimester. Going to attempt these exercises.. http://www.healthhub.sg/live-healthy/1704/guide-7-working-out-while-pregnant https://www.healthhub.sg/live-healthy/982/pregnancy-pelvic-floor-exercises

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yup, pls take care during 1st trim and dont strain yourself. You can always check with your gynae if u can do light stretching exercise, simple yoga will do. I do get alot of body aches if i dont do stretching. It helps.

Consult your gynea :) after my first miscarriage, she told me no exercise in first trimester, I was 37 when I was carrying my #1. Only went pregnancy yoga at the end of 2nd trim.

no exercise but do a lot of walking during daily commute, from mrt station to workplace, climb staircase instead of lift/escalator 1st pregnancy at age 40

im 38 first preg as well. past 2 preg didnt success cos i dint rest much. now everyweekend lay on bed only. week days go work n come home. dont dare go around.

12mo ago

So sorry to hear that. ❤️❤️ take good care and rest well!


i nvr exercise regularly before, during or after pregnancy... however, i strongly believe each pregnancy is different...