Hi mummies, any reviews on Dr Wendy Teo from Mount Elizabeth Novena or Dr Goh Shen Li from Mount Alvernia?

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I think my review come abit late in this topic. I was with Dr Goh for the whole 8 mths. I was very happy initially. She seemed to be nice and soft. Each time my visit she would say everything fine, thats normal, it happens. I dk thats to brush me off or assure me i would take the later but she is always very busy and every time i see her it felt like she was trying to “clear queue”. I don’t feel that she listen to my concern but just hearing them. Before 2016 there were all good review about her but 2021 there is ntg much about her. I bought it in to those old review. After my 28 weeks, my baby is overweight by 300g after my diagnosis on GD and was expected to be 3.6kg at birth. Dr Goh does not encourage me to have normal birth due to my height and size being just 1.48cm. She even conclude that even 3.3kg will be too difficult for me to give birth normally. Although 2.8kg-3.8kg is the average baby weight, i couldn’t bring myself to stunt my baby’s growth just becoz of my petite size. I have many petite friend that are able to gave birth to 4kg baby vaginally without any issues. I told her my main concern but she doesn’t seems to be on the same page with me. I know the risk of labour and would willing to be cut if absolutely necessary but this definitely not the reason to skip natural birth straight out. A few incident happen in btwn my visit was after her injection, she pasted the plaster on the wrong spot. Not once but twice on separate occasion! I know this is a small issues but I cant help not being paranoid, if she can screw this simple thing up what about in the surgery room? Again this is based on my personal experience, maybe there are others that are very happy with her and she did a good job with them, it is just my luck that i do not have the same synergy with her. Ps: i am not here to badmouth anyone’s reputation, just sharing my experience.

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I'm currently a patient with Dr. Wendy. As mostly raved, she's very calming and assuring. However, as she is a renowned doctor, her clinic is always busy, so her sessions tend to be brief, sometimes too hasty that you feel your $ burn in a quick 5 minutes. Also, the clinic does not provide antenatal packages - I spend an av. of $300 per session. As a FTM, with the experience and expertise Wendy has, it is an assuring factor that I am in good hands. Praying for a smooth delivery as we inch towards due date.

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3mo ago

Agree that she’s very calm, reassuring and knowledgeable. Have to also compliment the counter staffs too, they were able to address my concerns pretty well. Also agree that most of my sessions with her were brief because she’s packed most of the time. I got lucky a few times where I was the only patient :) Been with her for the past 10months and she just discharged me after my delivery. Though interactions with her were brief and pricey, I still trust her a lot and that’s why I will definitely return to her for no2 or any woman issues. Wishing you a smooth delivery mummy! ❤️

I am with Dr Wendy Teo. She's very patient and very reassuring. Very friendly and always smiling. In my first 2 trimesters, I had bleeding issues and I always got very worried due to my past miscarriage, but she always makes sure she checks everything thoroughly and tells me everything is good and not to worry. I feel she's a doctor who really listens to you and take all the precautions to make u feel that everything will be okay. :)

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I am with Dr Goh. She is very friendly and patient with good clinical judgement. During my labour at the crowning stage I went hysterical (due to the pain) and she remained composed and told me calmly what was going on and what I needed to do. With that I managed to compose myself and push baby out. Her stitching was fast and good. I experience no pain at all after the stitching. Highly recommended!

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Dr Wendy Teo is very empathetic by nature,kind hearted & gives enough time for her patient;explains each and every aspect in detail. I had a major surgery and whenever I felt down Dr Wendy Teo was always there to emotionally uplift me and that helped me gain confidence for a speedy recovery.

I had visited Dr Wendy Teo in regards to my surgery and within the 1st meeting itself I was completely convinced that I would like to go ahead with her. The expertise that she hails to go with her friendly approach made me believe that I had made the right choice.

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One of my friends delivered her baby under Dr Wendy Teo. She had a hassle-free and a great experience. The Doctor is immensely patient & gives enough time to explain the progress of the baby's growth. Would definitely recommend her !

I am currently following up with Dr Goh. She is very patience, calm, friendly and professional. So far I am very satisfied with her service. But her clinic is quite crowded most of the time, the waiting time is about 20 to mostly 30min

1mo ago

100 consultation 100 ultra scan. All other costs depends. My average is like 350

My sister's experience with the doctor was really very satisfying. My sister's pregnancy was a little complicated but Dr Wendy Teo made her feel extremely at ease throughout.

All my friends have given great reviews for Dr Wendy Teo. Best is to keep asking around for reviews and recommendations so that you can make an informed decision.