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Hi Mummies! Really need advice on this matter as I’m a first-time mother. I’m currently doing freelance work and also finding a full time job. I want to put my now 4 month baby in infant care once I get a job. In the meantime, I can take care of him while job searching. However, the job market is unpredictable and I’m not sure how long it will be till I get a job - could be months. 1) When should I register my baby for infant care? Now (while finding a job) or once I get a job? 2) Is it a guaranteed admission once I register to put my child in X Infant Care Centre? Or will there be a waiting list? If so, how long is the usual wait time? 3) My husband is working full time with an income of $3500 while my freelance income can fetch about $1200-$1800 monthly. Is there a subsidy for mothers who are finding a job? Thank you in advance!

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Super Mum

1) you can registet your interest now on the ECDA website, you can choose up to 10 centres. Essentially this is a wait list. Whenever there is availability, the centre will call you up for sch visit. Other than Sparkletots, you can call up individulay schs for a sch visit before registering. You have to make payment to secure a place, but i guess you can indicate roughly when u'll start. 2) If by registration you meant on ECDA website, that does not serve as a formal registration. It's just an expression of interest. Some centres have long waitlist some are likely already available. You'd have to fill in forms and make initial paymemts at the school to secure a place. 3) not sure about subsidy for mothers who are finding a job, but there is an additional subsidy besides the usual working/non-working mother subsidy. Forgot what it's called but i think the centres will have you apply for that anyway and see whether it'll be approved.

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You can start looking and register as some infant care needs to Q. Do refer to following link for subsidy info