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Hello. I have a friend who is a single mum and is pregnant with a toddler. She found out she is pregnant after knowing her husband has a mistress outside. Her husband threw her and their child out of the house. She is having a hard time looking for a full time admin job that do not requires OT and is a 5 days work. (Hopefully near Woodlands MRT). As she need to fetch and care for her toddler after work. Is anyone company hiring? Thank you. #pleasehelp

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Pregnant usually hard to find full time job as companies not willing to pay for maternity leave and find replacement few months after a new hire join. Maybe can ask her to consider per hour basis admin job till after give birth. At least have some cash on hand.. i find that recruitment company (Eg recruit first) can help find jobs fast and suitable.

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Try these Telegram channels, they have plenty of job offers and are responsive too.

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