Extreme fatigue in 2nd Trimester

Any mummies out there experiencing extreme fatigue in second trimester? I heard it can be an indicator of GD. Did not experience this just as a regular pregnancy symptom? I did not experience fatigue in my prev 2 pregnancies and also GD tests were not mandatory then. Worried because of age now and realised both my sisters had it.

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I dun tink its true. I was not tired throughout the whole pregnancy but i had GD. Chances if your mum had GD when she had you, your chance is also higher. And i agree wif the other pax comment that its due to the diet.

don’t worry too much, GD is due to your body not being able to process sugar as well as your body does before pregnancy. try walking after meals and having more balanced diet!

Super Mum

Hey Mama, don’t think fatigue is a symptom of GD. I had really bad fatigue during my second pregnancy. I’d fall asleep anywhere. No GD though.