Choking on saliva

Hi mummies! Is it normal for baby to choke on their saliva from time to time? My baby is about 2 months. TIA!

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While drinking milk or sleeping? If while drinking milk check the teat. Might be too big. Also, always slightly slant & lift baby's head while feeding. If while sleeping, make baby sleep on the side. I don't let my baby (I have 4 kids) sleep on their back. I will swaddle and make them sleep on their sides (with small pillow on their back to hold the position & regularly change sides). They only sleep on their back when they're about 4 mths old

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I think it’s normal cause sometimes my baby is also choking her saliva 🙊then i will lift her up and rub her back/chest gently

some babies are choking milk. but i am not sure about saliva

check on teat size. is it too big?