Am i seeing things? 😅

Update 3rd October: Pregnancy ended with a miscarriage 😢 Update: Doctor have confirmed my pregnancy. Thanks Mummies! Hi Mummies, Need more pair of eyes to see this. Are you seeing double line? From what i see is that i may be pregnant but maybe too early to tell, as i'm only 2 days late for menses.

Am i seeing things? 😅
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congratulations, I see two lines as well! this looks like my result on two days of my calculated missed period on similar stripy test like yours. You can try getting clear blue or Watson/guardian test which I did and the line came out darker on them as they might be more sensitive . :)

2mo ago

I called up my gynae office two days after I found out I was pregnant, supposedly 4 weeks pregnant then (count from your last menses) and was told to come in 2 weeks later which was about 6 weeks pregnant :) I know some mommies reccomend seeing a doctor at 8 weeks onwards because by then for sure the baby has grown enough for the doctor to detect the heartbeat! :)

looks like there's a faint 2nd line.. you can test again in another 2 days or go polyclinic for blood test.. for me, my menses very regular so I tested 1 day after missing menses..

I'm confused too. 2 days late and been testing at 11 dpo, 12 dpo, 13 dpo all bfn. is this evap or early stage? I had bad nausea today due to sensitive to smell

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2mo ago

test again 2 3 days later. I see a faint line. May all goes smoothly

Congrats I see two lines too! :) you can try testing again 2 days later with first morning urine and the T line should get darker.

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congratulations 👏🎉 I see two lines too! you may want to test again few days later to see if have two lines 😃

I see two lines too! Also, i got a positive too when i tested 2 days late for period! Now 16 weeks pregnant 😀

2mo ago

Congrats! Have a smooth pregnancy and delivery :)

I SEE TWO!!!! CONGRATULATIONS!!!!! Do try to take again in few hours time!!

congratulations I saw the double line.

congratulation I saw double line

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Pls take care! 💪🏼 *hugs*

2w ago

Thank you mummy. I really needed that.. Still coping with the loss 😢