4 weeks 2 days Pregnant

Hi all. I have confirmed through pregnancy kits that I am pregnant and my Gynae also confirmed. I am currently 4 weeks 2 days and experienced some headaches, cramps and bloatedness at times. As my ultrascan only can be done at week 6 (in order to see baby’s heartbeat), is there any way to know how baby is doing? Is everything ok? It’s my first pregnancy and I don’t know how to tell if everything is alright.

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When you take the clearblue test kit you must plus another 4 weeks which makes you about less or more around 7-8 weeks pregnant. To do ultrasound at around 6 may get you dissapointed cos baby's heartbeat & figure may not be clear. Best to do around 8 weeks or after where everything is very much clearer. What you are experiencing above are all perfectly normal especially in the beginning of the pregnancy & in the 1st trimester ☺️

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hi mummy! congrats! I understand how you feel and it's normal, but all you have to do right now is to take care if yourself! theres nothing much you can do till week 6 when that would be the earliest for you to see some signs of your baby in the womb.