Hi mummies. My mum offer to help me take care of my lo once I go back to work. But the issue is that I find that she like not really comfortable with handling my bm. Cause when I asked her to prepare the milk such as taking out from the fridge and pour into bottle and heat up, she would rather offer to carry my lo while I go and do it. I mean I can do this. But when I go back to work she will have to handle it. I'm just wanted to let her have a try. Yeah it's a simple task but I have to let go and let her do as soon I will be back to workforce. And also after lo finish the milk. She also won't wash the bottle. My heart thinking is it she find my bm very gross. Am I being too sensitive or any one experience the same way like I do. ? I want to ask her what is it that she is not comfortable with but I do not know how to approach her. I Don want to give her the impression like I trying to find problem with her whereas she is being nice by offering to look after my lo.

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