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Hi mummies, my LO was born premature at 34/35 weeks, weight 2.3kg and length 45cm at birth. We went for his 1st month check up today and his weight is 4kg and length 52cm. Any mummies can advise if LO growth is on track?

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Yay and yes! My baby was born premature too at 35w6d and he weighs 2.79kg @ birth. Now almost 3 mths and almost 6kg. His PD says follow his real age which is 2 mths old.

The nurses or doctor usually will tell you the percenta of your BB’s growth during check up though.. otherwise you can ask them if they didn’t mention it to you..

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Hi... you might find this article informative

sorry not relevant to the question u asked. but what does LO means can share tq in advance fellow mummies 🥰

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little one!:)

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Yes that's fine(: Do check with your pd if you have any doubts

I'm not so sure but I think the health booklet will indicate.

My dear. Check ur health booklet. See the graph page.

he is growing perfect

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Yes it’s on track.

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Yes, on track