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Hello mummies! My LO is turning 3 months in a few days time. His sleeping routine has gradually becoming longer during nights, from 2 hours to 4 hours. He even slept 7 hours straight last night and fell asleep after milk. 🤯 1) Is it normal for babies to sleep such long hours (like 7 hours)? But his sleeping routine during the day has a consistent pattern: waking up after 30 to 40 mins napping period. (This starts from evening) 2) I'm worried coz he will be starting Infantcare next month. I had slight trouble filling out the segment for his nap routine because they are constantly changing. 😅 First time mum here. Just wondering whether am I the kanchiong mummy. 🤣🤣🤣😅😅

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Super Mum

Hi mama, Your 3 month old is at a time where he’s having so much fun with all his senses that he’s eager not to miss out on anything during the day and making up for it at night :) this is perfectly normal - rest assured. As babies thrive on routines, I’d like to suggest to try starting baby on a routine skin to your infant care of choice. While you may not be able to do all of the exact same activities, you could start with the morning feed once he wakes, then morning routine care followed by a walk outside (to fully engage all his senses) then am sure he’ll be hungry so a quick wipe down before a feed and then a nap? Afternoons could be spend engaging your LO with tummy time, songs, talking, etc, and he could go down for another nap at 3-ish? I’ve also got some really good articles and information sheets on baby and sleep. Here are the ones I love: Also, if I might add, your little one is going through a growth spurt which could mess routines up quite a bit. These phases usually last anywhere from 2-3 days to about a week or so. You can find out more about growth spurts here: Hope you find these useful!

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