Clearing of breastmilk

Hi all mummies, Would like to check how do you all clear the Breast milk inside the freezer ? Everyday I will express the Breastmilk and feed my lo. Will store the exceed inside the freezer. So far my supply enough to feed my lo. Beside feed my lo the fresh expressing milk, I feed my lo the bm inside the freeZer.At the end of the day, I have to store some of the fresh expressing milk in the freezer. Is this the right way in clearing the frozen bm? If I’m just feed the fresh expressing milk bm, then I can’t clear the frozen on. what is the best way in clearing the bm inside the freezer? ?

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Im exclusive pumping as my lo refused to direct latch. What I’m concerned is To store for future use in case my supply drop and I still have the bm to continue feed my lo. What I’m plan now is, as long as I managed to store 1 bag of Breast milk, then I will feed my Lo the rest of fresh bm. If not enough, then use the frozen one. Am I doing right way? :)

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