Growth scan at third trimester

Hi mummies, i read up about growth scan usually to be done in third trimester, I’m at week 27 and mentioned about this scan during my routine check up yesterday, but my gynae said don’t need to do it since he don’t see any problem with my baby. Is this the usual practice? Anyone didn’t do the growth scan also? Can i go do this scan myself without gynae’s referral? Thank you. #1stimemom #advicepls

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Third trimester scan is not compulsory, usually for pregnancies which are high risk. They only measure your baby’s limbs and blood flow. I only did mine cos it was a package with the rest of the scans… Normal scans with your Gynae is good enough if your Gynae recommends :)

11mo ago

Hi, thank you for the reply! Kinda curious about the baby’s growth as monthly check up usually my gynae didn’t check till so detailed 😅