Postpartum hair fall

Hi mummies, I’m having severe hair fall right now. Any recommendation for reducing or controlling the hair fall? My hair feel so thin right now like as if I’m gg to be bald soon.. 🥲

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Going through the same problem. My hair is everywhere even on my baby's cot and it really made me frustrated. I have naturally thick hair and the amount of hairloss my god! I cut my hair short a mth ago and cut shorter yesterday. The hairdresser told me to treat the oil on my hair first and don't use 3in1 shampoo like Pantene, etc which has conditioner in it. I don't use any hair oil or conditioner but seems true to what she said and she recommended me an anti hair-loss shampoo made from Japan. Hoping to see good result soon!

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Postparum hair fall s a message suggested by the mum’s hat is having a severe hair fall right now. He author is demanding some kind of the recommendation with the that can control the hair fall with the idea to make the right things.

it takes me 6 months after birth to stop all the hair drop and 3 months later to grow back my hair

is normal one cause pregnancy never drop. i just use normal shampoos