Epidural or not?

Hi mummies. I'm going to be a mother of 4 soon. But yet I'm still afraid of the contraction pain and still can recalled how's the pain is. Can u all mummies that took epidural share how was your experiences? The process of epi and after labour. I'm still thinking if I should take epi or no

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I'm a mother of 5 and gave birth to my no. 5 on Feb. I had epi for all 5 but unfortunately the recent one the epi does not work on me at all. No idea what went wrong but thankfully I only 'suffered' the pain for 3 hrs only. Amazingly, I can tahan the pain although it was very intense. With my other 4, it was amazing! After epi, I can sleep w/o feeling any pain eventhough I was already in an active labour right until I gave birth I can't feel any pain. The epi itself is not painful. It's just like a jab when you take injections and then you'll feel numb waist down. Side effect - you'll feel extreme cold. I had 3 blankets on me everytime. So far I have no side effects like backache and all like how others had.

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