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Hi mummies, im giving my baby lactogen 120ml. My baby is 3momths going 4months. My baby seems to get hungry every 2hrs. Do u mummies increase the milk ml or u follow the feeding table stated at the tin?

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maybe you can consider changing the formula milk cause my baby also used to drink lactogen from kkh till 2mths old then we switched to Nan formula milk which is more nutritious and can make my lo's stomach more filling (:

1y ago


go with your know your baby best. Is your baby a boy? They tend to drink more milk and gets hungry faster...for my boys at least

How many months is LO ? Its okay to add , but not too much , and consult your PD . Is your baby started solid yet ?

1y ago

wow . Maybe try add 30mls first ?

If you prefer feeding your baby this brand, you can increase the ml.. alternative, I recommend Friso 😊

lactogen is too light. baby dun feel full. thats why every 2 to 3 hours need to feed


increase milk and drag time