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hello mummies! im experiencing constipation and it is making me feel very terrible as i have problem passing urine too. doctor has already prescribe me some medicine. so i was thinking, is it ok to skip a few days of taking prenatal vitamins til im able to pass motion?#pleasehelp #firstbaby #pregnancy

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Don’t skip the vitamins without consulting your obgyn. According to the leaflet provided by the hospital when they gave me the vitamins, constipation is a side effect of the vitamins because of high iron content. Instead of skipping the vitamins, maintain a healthy & balanced diet to combat the constipation. Eat more fruits if you must, but do a little bit of research on which type of fruits are best during pregnancy as overloading on watermelons (for e.g.) can lead to gestational diabetes due to its high sugar content.

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I have yogurt (no sugar) 2-3 times a week and fruits every other day. It reallyyyyt helped me with pregnancy constipation and even up till now (im in my third trimester), I generally don’t have issues with going to the toilet. It’s really important to be conscious about eating sufficient fruits and vegetables in the week!

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My gynae said the iron in the pre-natal vitamins is what’s causing the constipation. He suggested to take the vitamins alternate days instead (if your iron level is fine), I also started probiotics and drink stool softener daily which helps in the constipation.

take more fruits, prune juice, vegetable juice etc. when I take Papaya it helps me to pass motion too. try all ways, and also drink lots of water!

did your doctor said the prenatal vitamins r the cause of your constipation? if no then dont. drink lots of water and try prune juice.

Doctor prescribe me stool softener.. or you can buy from Pharmacy. Cos eating fruits and vege didnt help for me.

don't skip the vitamins coz your baby needs it. my ob gave me stool softeners to help out instead

My gynae suggested chia seeds works wonders for me!:)

Take prune juice. It helps greatly 😃